People often say they cannot taste or smell anything but alcohol in whiskey and that is fine because whiskey has very alcohol content, higher than wine or beer. However, tasting different whiskeys will show you that they are, in fact, very diverse in both flavor and smell. This beverage is a complex mixture of grains, flavors, and distillation process.

The best Whiskey flavors

Even though some people can’t taste it, whiskey’s flavor are very distinctive and unique in every way. Each company makes a different flavored whiskey, and it depends on the type of grain they use, aging time, distillation process and even the barrels used for the aging process.

1. Irish Whiskey

Delicate sweet and honey flavor is the unique characteristic of the Irish Whiskey, one of the most popular drinks today. Irish Whisky is often a blend of malted and unmalted whiskey as well as column-stilled corn-based whiskey, or in another case, triple distilled malted barley.

Irish Whiskey

It’s dried in the closed kiln, this way it is far away from all the smoke that is the characteristic of Scotch. Irish Whiskey ages in already used barrels, often wine or bourbon casks. It needs to age in them for at least three years before it becomes Irish Whiskey. The most famous representatives are of course Tullamore Dew and Green Spot.

2. Scotch Whisky

We already mentioned Scotch has a unique smoky flavor. That distinctive character isn’t easy to get, and it mainly depends on the malt drying process. Part of the drying process is done over a fire which allows the smoke to get in contact with the beer in the first place.

Smokey flavor is the thing that makes Scotch unique. However, there are two subtypes of this drink, and those are Single and Blended Scotch. Single scotch means that it’s produced from a single distillery while blended means that this drink is a mix of whiskeys from different distilleries, youngest of which is the actual age of the final product.

3. Bourbon Whiskey

beam_rack_houseEven though many people think that Bourbon isn’t made only in Bourbon County in the United States. However, it is a typical American drink. Grain mash whiskey is made from is mainly based on corn, according to American regulations, it has to include at least 51% corn in its mash. The Straight Bourbon must be distilled to achieve at least 80% of alcohol content, and it has to age for at least two years in the charred oak barrels. Even though the necessary maturation time is two years, producers often let it mature for over four years for a better, distinctive flavor.

4. Canadian Whiskey

Perfect for cocktails, light and mixable, Canadian whiskey is often a blend of different grain spirits. It is made primarily of corn or wheat. However, many producers use rye and barley as a supplement. Maturation process required it to mature for at least three years in an oak barrel. However, it is often left there up to six years.