Whiskey is a heavenly beverage that brought us all together, and we formed William Lawson club for the purpose of making a whiskey lovers society and expanding our knowledge about this wonderful liquid. Even though we all share a passion towards this drink, a lot of us, in fact, isn’t informed sufficiently. We did a survey to check the knowledge of our members, and we found out that a big number of them doesn’t know the difference between the individual types of whiskey, that’s why we decided to inform our members properly.

The types of Whiskey

Whiskey is any liquid made and distilled from fermented grain mash, and it has from 40% to 94.8% alcohol by volume.


The factors that influence on the type of the whiskey are often the place of origin and the type of grain used for the mash. In the light of this, we will present you with four of the most important types of this heavenly drink.

1. Scotch

Even though people often use the word Scotch as a synonym for the word whiskey, it isn’t entirely legitimate. Scotch is a type of whiskey made from the malted barley. Most of them are made only out of barley, water, and yeast, but there’s nothing that can keep you from adding other grains or cereals. To be a real Scotch, this type of whiskey needs to be made in Scotland.

The whiskey should age for at least three years in oak casks to be called Scotch.

2. Bourbon

Bourbon is an exception to the rule that whiskey needs to be distilled only from fermented grain mash. Whiskey should be made from a mixture of grains and corn. However, the mixture should have at least 51% of the corn in its content.


Just like the Scotch needs to be from Scotland, Bourbon has to be from the United States. Kentucky is one of the states famous for its outstanding Bourbon drink. It doesn’t have an aging limit as Scotch does. However, so-called Straight Bourbon has to age for at least two years, also in the oak casks.

 Tennessee Whiskey3. Tennessee Whiskey

Tennessee Whiskey is, in fact, a type of Bourbon. However, the manufacturers don’t want to label them as Bourbon. The reason for this is that they claim they are the only ones who use the charcoal filtering process. It is made in Tennessee, and one of the most popular representatives is the famous Jack Daniels.

4. Rye

The rules of labeling a whiskey as Rye are different in the various countries. For example in Canada, the mixture for the drink doesn’t need to be predominantly rye, and it only has to have some rye in the mash to be called Rye. In America, mash has to be at least 51% rye to be called like this. Alberta Premium from Canada is the only rye producer who makes this drink from 100% rye mash. Just as Bourbon, to be called Straight Rye, it has to age in oak casks for at least two years.