Whiskey has a bunch of different names and particular phrases you can use to describe how you want your drink done. Some call it whiskey, some call it whiskey, but most people don’t know where these words originated from.
As whiskey has such a long history, it’s only logical that it, at first, wasn’t called the same as it is today.

Word origin

Whiskey was first introduced to the world by Christian monks somewhere between 11th and 13th century. As we all know, Christians used the Latin language in their scripture, so it’s no wonder that the first name whiskey ever had was in Latin. The original word for whiskey was aqua vitae, but it was translated into the old Irish language as uisce beatha. Uisce beatha literally means ”water of life”.


Due to the mispronunciation of the seemingly difficult word uisce, people started saying ”whiskey, ” and that’s how it’s got the name we use today.

Different ways to order whiskey

drink-alcohol-cup-whiskey-51957Now that you know where it comes from and why it’s called whiskey, it’s time that you learn how to order it too. In most cases, when you approach a bartender and say ”give me a glass of whiskey”, they will most likely ask how do you want it done?

If you’re unfamiliar with terminology or you simply never ordered it before, you will definitely get confused. An important thing to know is, whiskey fanatics have their own vocabulary when it comes to whiskey, and if you want to drink it, you better learn it. Here’s what we’re talking about;

Neat, on the rocks or cut?

Some people say that neat whiskey is the only proper way of drinking whiskey. This term suggests that you want nothing but whiskey in your glass and you want it served at a room temperature. Neat whiskey is a bit stronger than the other two, and if you haven’t acquired the taste for it yet, it may make you cough or gag. However, it’s the best way to drink it if you really love the taste.

Whiskey on the rocks is a term you use when you want ice with your whiskey. Some people may disagree with this method because they think that it locks the flavor, whereas others say it’s a lot better with it. One thing is true; it will definitely go down easier probably won’t burn as much as neat whiskey if you haven’t gotten used to it yet.

When you order whiskey and tell the bartender to ”cut it”, you’re actually asking them to pour some water into it. Some people strongly disagree with this method and think that people who do this are sissies, while others swear that this makes the drink a lot better because it changes the chemical composition and unlocks a bunch of different flavors.

Using this method doesn’t say anything about you, and you shouldn’t listen to what anybody has to say. If you like it this way, keep ordering it and enjoy your drink.