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Whiskeys And Their Flavors

People often say they cannot taste or smell anything but alcohol in whiskey and that is fine because whiskey has very alcohol content, higher than wine or beer. However, tasting different whiskeys will show you that they are, in fact, very diverse in both flavor and smell. This beverage is a complex mixture of grains, flavors, and distillation process. The best Whiskey flavors Even though some people can’t taste it, whiskey’s flavor are very distinctive and unique in every way. Each company makes a different flavored whiskey, and it depends on the type of grain they use, aging time,...

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Whiskey Types – Everything you did and didn’t know

Whiskey is a heavenly beverage that brought us all together, and we formed William Lawson club for the purpose of making a whiskey lovers society and expanding our knowledge about this wonderful liquid. Even though we all share a passion towards this drink, a lot of us, in fact, isn’t informed sufficiently. We did a survey to check the knowledge of our members, and we found out that a big number of them doesn’t know the difference between the individual types of whiskey, that’s why we decided to inform our members properly. The types of Whiskey Whiskey is any...

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Whiskey Etymology

Whiskey has a bunch of different names and particular phrases you can use to describe how you want your drink done. Some call it whiskey, some call it whiskey, but most people don’t know where these words originated from. As whiskey has such a long history, it’s only logical that it, at first, wasn’t called the same as it is today. Word origin Whiskey was first introduced to the world by Christian monks somewhere between 11th and 13th century. As we all know, Christians used the Latin language in their scripture, so it’s no wonder that the first name...

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History Of Whiskey

Whiskey is such a common drink today that if you’d ask almost anyone what it is, they’d tell you right away. But, it hasn’t always been like that. The history of whiskey is quite an extraordinary story, and once you get to know it, you will appreciate that drink in your glass a lot more. Distillation As you already know, in order to make whiskey you need to master the distillation process first. However, this process was not initially meant for making whiskey. It was first used by ancient Egyptians for making perfumes. The first ever recording of distillation...

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How Scotch Whisky is Made – From Grain to Glass

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