about us

We are the William Lawson Whiskey Club, a unique international family of whiskey lovers. Our organization was founded by William Lawson lover Jonathan Collins and two of his close friends. The three friends connected by their passion towards scotch decided to form a whiskey appreciation society that will be their legacy to like-minded people.

Our mission is to expand this community and make a unique family counting hundreds of members from all over the world. We will share our experience and knowledge, host events and tasting meetings, provide our members with the first class whiskey casks and bottles as well as produce our own whiskey bottles available to everyone out there.

If you want to contribute to the taste of our unique whiskey and form lasting friendships and connections to the influential whiskey lovers you can always become a member of our club. You can even become one of our expert noses, of course, if you have qualifications and necessary skills. If you want to know more about our commitment to our members and the drink that connect us all, you should know that we are here to provide you with first class whiskeys as well as the remaining bottles of the rare and unique scotches from every corner of the World.

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