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We Share Passion A Towards Scotch
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Welcome to William Lawson

the best whiskey club in the world…chosen by you.


WILLIAM LAWSON is a whiskey lovers club, founded by William Lawson scotch whiskey lovers in the United Kingdom. Our mission includes two primary goals that we strive towards – gathering like-minded people and building a unique whiskey appreciation society, as well as providing the latest and the most relevant information about this heavenly drink to our members.

We are hoping to gather like-minded people from all around the world in our club and form lasting friendships with them. Our society goals will be to learn everything about this drink and find out everything about the world’s collection of the highest quality brands.

Providing William Lawson club members as well as other interested persons with the first class bottles of right out of the cask whiskey is not only our goal but our pleasure also. Passion we all share towards scotch as well as the desire for adventure and discovery made us form this club and keep our society alive all these years.


Like most clubs, our association has also started with a few adventurous and curious individuals, one of whose was our first member and founder Jonathan Collins. Their passion towards scotch, adventurous spirit and desire to connect with like-minded people has driven them to form this alliance. It is an alliance that would last for years and gather  whiskey lovers from all around the world, a place where we all can share our experiences and offer something new.

A few individuals, a few friends, and like-minded people decided to form a society. At first, it was a little association in the United Kingdom with only a few members who were adventurous enough to join us.

How interest in this drink increased! The number of our members doubled, tripled and now we are an international club with thousands of members. Our mission is to teach all whiskey lovers everything we can about this drink, its production and provide them with first class bottles and casks.

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Whiskey Production

Now that you know everything about our club, its mission, and our members, you should learn something about the liquid that brought us all together in the first place. One of the most interesting themes is the whiskey production itself. So, how is scotch whiskey made?

Step 1 – Malting:

Turning a barley to soluble sugars is the first step. Malting includes soaking barley in warm water for 2-3 days followed by leaving it on the floor of Malting House.

Step 2 – Mashing:

The combination of the malt and hot water is now called a mash which is stirred for several hours before the next step.

Step 3 – Fermentation:

The wort is now ready for cooling and moving to large tanks where yeast is added, and fermentation begins.

Step 4 -Distilation:

After the fermentation process, the wash is being distilled for two or even three times.

The Top 3 Most Expensive Whiskeys

And are they really worth your hard-earned money?

Macallan whiskey 1946 Single malt whiskies from Speyside -$460.000

A bottle of this single malt whiskey was sold at an auction for about $500 000. It was made out of peated malt, which makes it as unique as it can be. It is a bottle of classic Macallan, one of the best whiskeys ever made.

Glenfiddich Jannet Sheed Roberts Reserve 1955 – $94.000

Floral, sweet taste of this whiskey is just one of the reasons for its price. This whiskey has been aging in an oak cask since 1955, in 2012 owners decided to honor Jannet Sheed Roberts and made 15 bottles from this cask.

Dalmore 62 Single Highland Malt Scotch Matheson 1942- $58.000

This unique bottle was made out of four single malt whiskeys distilled at the different age. Out of 12 bottles made, the most expensive was the Matheson bottle, named after the owner of the Dalmore Estate. It was bought at an auction and quickly finished by five anonymous close friends.

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meet our team of experts

We already mentioned the first member of our company and the reasons that drove him to found our society. Jonathan Collins is a professional deeply in love with this amazing liquid. Ever since he was a young lad, he attended various tasting events, met hundreds of like-minded people and whiskey lovers and learned everything there is about this drink, its etymology, and manufacturing.

Jane Crawford

Jane Crawford

Technology Advisor

She was with us right from the beginning of our journey, and she contributed to her knowledge and experience, and together with Jonathan, she brought the idea of international whiskey lovers club to life. Her love towards this drink and contribution in her work made her an important part of our little family.

Raina Thompson

Raina Thompson

HR Agent

Another amazing woman and an exciting addition to our club. Even though she wasn’t there from the beginning of our story, she was one of the main reasons for our club expansion. She is a project manager and her ideas, as well as artistic and adventurous personality, made our company this great.

Jonathan Collins

Jonathan Collins

Events and Marketing Manager

Events and Marketing Manager by profession which makes him one of the most precious jewels in our club. He has planned and hosted numerous whiskey appreciation events where we met a lot of influential persons in our line of business, learned something new and shared our knowledge about this wonderful drink. He currently lives in Oregon and you might find him at his favorite pizza place, Pacific Pizza & Brew, located in Bend, Or.

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